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Dr. Fiona McMichen


Fiona and her team have a very warm and friendly approach that will make the most anxious patients feel at ease.

We feel that endodontic treatment should be carried out to the highest standard possible in a very caring environment. Our utmost concern is to make you feel completely comfortable in every way. Plenty of time is reserved for treatment.  We also love technology and embrace it fully in our practice. Dr McMichen has highly customised microscopes with video cameras to record both still and video footage where appropriate. This is extremely useful in helping you understand the problem with your tooth. We have the very latest equipment for sterilisation and strict protocols are in place to eliminate any risk of cross infection. Wherever possible disposable products are used during your treatment. We have Cone Beam CT (3D) radiographic technology available allowing 3D visualisation of the teeth and surrounding structures. This is invaluable in the management of complex cases. Dr McMichen lectures to postgraduate dentists in the UK and is committed to continually furthering her own knowledge and skills.

Prevention Control Program

Endodontic treatment carried out by a specialist can be highly predictable with the prognosis for healing being as high as 90-95% in certain cases. Even where significant disease has been present, with careful extended therapy, healing may take place with many teeth becoming comfortable and functional with signs of healing in the surrounding tissues. Our aim is to save your tooth wherever sensible and possible. If Dr. McMichen feels a tooth does not have a good prognosis she will adivse you about other suitable treatment options that can be carried out or directed by your own referring dentist.


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