The Bioclear Method


The Bioclear Method is a new and amazing, conservative technique which can be used for multiple purposes.

It can be used to close spaces between teeth such as filling in the black triangles between teeth that form as we get older, after orthodontics/braces, or gum surgery.

It can also be used to rebuild whole teeth and smiles in a beautiful, strong, conservative and less expensive manner than traditional crowns and veneers. 

Most importantly, the existing tooth structure is not damaged.

Dr Richard Brooks has been personally taught by Dr David Clark, the founder of the Bioclear Method, in Tacoma, U.S.A., and uses the method widely here at The Tanshire Clinic.

Dr Joanne Freeman is also highly experienced in the Bioclear Method and works in conjunction with a number of Orthodontists  helping children and adults alike to improve their smiles.